Mileage Correction

OdometerCar-diac provides mileage correction services for most makes and models, please contact us for your exact requirements.

What is mileage correction?

These days just about every car is equipt with an electronic dashboards with a digital odometer to reduce production costs. However these digital odometers can easily be corrupted (leading to low accuracy) by electrical interference meaning correction is required. This can happen on any type of car, van or bike with a digital odometer display. If you have a newer Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ford, Peugeot or any other make you may have experienced this. This is when digital mileage correction can be the only answer to your problem.

What Causes Your Mileage to Become Inaccurate or Corrupted?

Corruption can happen as a result of the following issues:

  • Corruption can happen as a result of the following issues
    The vehicle battery was discharged and then jump-started
  • Dashboard incurs electrical faults
  • Dashboard damage in a collision or through vandalism¬†

Is it legal to undertake digital mileage correction on my car?

Changing and correcting your mileage for any of the reasons above is perfectly legal. It is however, illegal if you knowingly sell the vehicle without informing the buyer of the true mileage.

We only provide our digital mileage correction service to allow you to remedy the problems of inaccurate or corrupted odometers, but you must act responsibly and declare the correct mileage when selling your car by informing interested parties.

Service Light Reset

Additional to our mileage correction service, we can also reset the service interval indicator on most modern vehicles via the diagnostics port found within the cockpit of the car. We provide this service for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini and the VAG Range of vehicles (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat).